Survived! Called Android more secure than iOS

Every dispute for supremacy between Android and iOS fans, when all arguments are exhausted, always comes down to security. IOS users start to specify their opponents on a mediocre Google’s approach to security, the abundance of malware for Android and the absence of any control over the soft, penetrating in Google Play, not to mention the updates that Android smartphones get once in five years. Logically, no one had expected Android here so suddenly will be even more secure than iOS.

Android is safer than iOS? Apparently, Yes

If Android was updated as of iOSwhich phones would get Android 11

Ate to judge the number of vulnerabilities detected in code operating systems, Android is safer than iOS. This conclusion, contrary to the stereotype, did the researchers from the company Zerodium, specializiruetsya on the purchase and resale of vulnerabilities law enforcement and hackers. According to them, the recent breaches in the security of iOS appear so often that the market is literally overflowing, and the demand for them fell, while Android vulnerabilities have become a real rarity.

How much is hack Android and iOS

Security updates from Android solve a lot of problems

Due to the fact that vulnerabilities for iOS became so much, they are much cheaper. If before prices can reach up to 2 million dollars for information about flaws and tools for its exploitation, now they stopped buying at all because they even temporarily stopped buying. But on Android, however the price of vulnerabilities has risen from about 500 thousand dollars earlier to 2.5 million dollars right now. A huge jump, if you think about it. After just a few years their price on the background of the deficit has grown almost in 5 times.

As Apple did Google a favorby presenting 14 iOS

Practice shows that Android is becoming more secure and find vulnerabilities in this OS is more challenging. And protection Android is constantly being improved through the monthly security updates and the gradual adoption of a manufacturers the fact that their adaptation cannot be neglected. If before distribution of the security patches mostly stopped at the Google Pixel, but now the initiative actively involved the Samsung, which is releasing updates for its devices even before they get to pixels.

How to protect from hacking

In General, products Google in General shows a surprisingly high level of security. This is evident not only in Android, but their own company services. If you directly compare Chrome and Safari, it turns out that the Google browser to detect the vulnerability is much harder than in the browser Apple. And since Chrome is the main browser for Android and Safari for iOS, this further increases the gap between the systems.

To find a vulnerability in the iOS is easier than Android

The idea is to judge the security of an operating system according to the degree of perfection of its protective mechanisms is more correct than to consider the abundance of malicious software on Google Play and beyond. The fact that the vast majority of Trojans and other similar programs are based on permissions. That is, if the user does not give them privileges to access to system functions, they are simply not able to perform any manipulation device. So to blame the operating system is highly problematic, at least not right.

Why readers choosing Android and not iOS

But who should be blame in this case? In my opinion, everything is logical – the problem is users who, firstly, download any trash from the Internet, and, secondly, handed out right and left all the privileges, without understanding, why do they need installed applications. As a result, we can see how users take Bank accounts, stealing accounts in social networks and spying on them, collecting enormous amounts of information. And all this – because of their own negligence.

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