Swatch accusing Samsung by watch designs own their brand

Samsung Gear Sport

One of the advantages of smart watches is the ability to change the interface if you don’t like the current interface, it is not difficult to find on the new interface and analysis. There are some smart watches that allow users to customize the interface and watch their own taste and their favorite. However, it seems that some parties are not too pleased because some of the designs that she picked out the Samsung for its smart.

According to a new report released recently from the news agency Reuters, it seems that Swatch is accusing Samsung of infringement by the designs of its brands when it comes to certain duties of the company used in its watches smart. And the Swiss company leader in the watch industry that the Samsung smart watches have interfaces identical or similar to the facades used in watches branded affiliate such as Longines and Omega’s Swatch and Tissot.

According to the Swiss company, they are saying : ” this women is unacceptable can have only one purpose, is the follow-up Fame, reputation and goodwill of products and services Swatch Group brand that has been built painstakingly over the decades. “

However, this is not the first time that a prosecution of a company because of the use of the duties similar to the duties of other manufacturers of watches. Several years ago, it was Apple’s turn accused by the design of the interface H Swiss Federal Railways, which is the error cost the company US $ 21 billion.

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