Swatch suing Samsung due to violation of third-party developers having their clocks

Galaxy Watch Active

After a few days of revealed Samsung its smart Galaxy Active, I congratulated the company much interaction with her until I found that the company Swatch Swiss one of the most important manufacturers of luxury watches in the world may be brought against a case because of the violation of the rights of having their clocks and put them on the App Store for hours Samsung New and old.

The truth is that support is not about the violation of the Samsung so it didn’t do, but about allowing third-party developers offer watch faces on the App Store for users to be able to download them and buy them.

And satellites to more than 30 the face of its watches were recognizable on the Samsung store which is not fair being the A lot of users will think that they have to buy because of the distortion which appears hours the two companies are close.

According to what was published by Reuters, the Swatch was informed Samsung about this a while ago and she said the Korean company to delete the meal from the store, but the new faces have reappeared in similar, which raised the ire of the Swiss company to take its case to the court.

Demanded the SWAT dragged Samsung to the court of New York to pay compensation worth$ 100 million because of the copy third-party developers having their clocks and sell them on store galaxy, especially as some clocks got their price 650,000$.

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