Swedish unmanned trucks will be on the road this fall

Einride Swedish company announced that its engineers designed a self-driving cargo vans will go on sale this fall. Self-propelled transport will use the platform of autopilot created by NVIDIA that will allow electric freight car mix on public roads without driver intervention.

On a single charge the T-pod from Einride can travel up to 160 kilometres, and the Autonomous driving platform from NVIDIA will allow you to do this as safely as possible — the creators of the freight T-pod say that technology is self-positioning on the terrain and the advanced development of the creators of the autopilot will allow the most efficient routes and fast to deliver goods in urban and suburban areas.

In addition to the unmanned version, the truck is provided, and a method of remote control by the operator, so on the dangerous roads and the number of individual cases provided for by local law, the machines will be manned.

The company has already developed a route between the cities of Gothenburg and Helsingborg, which had already in the autumn will run two hundred unmanned trucks. Published the above video, the developers show how the truck is moving on autopilot.

T-pod is able to deliver up to 15 standard pallets, but the exact payload developers still do not disclose. It’s likely to be small, because the batteries of the vehicle also can not boast of a large volume, so the “Ti-pod” is unlikely to replace a heavy truck is, but on simple routes clearly can be a good solution. The main thing — to provide safety of traffic on autopilot, because without this large-scale use of such trucks can be no question.

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