Swift you know about the improvements in the speed of the plate on the Android

سويفتكي تُعلن عن تحسينات في سرعة لوحتها على أندرويد

With more than 100 million downloads on the store Google Play alone, the Swift is you “SwiftKey” and owned to Microsoft, one of the most popular keyboards on phones and mobile devices, where one of the main advantages of painting is the capacity of artificial intelligence in the learning process of the users, which allow the recommendation of correct words while typing, as well as identify the words intended when there is mistake in writing.

In another context the company today announced the introduction of the improvements on the plate on the Android operating system, designed these improvements to increase performance, where it announced to improve the presentation of the frame by reducing the delay by 50%, as well as painting became open faster and by 20% compared to the keyboards of the other.

As the company noted that the panel smaller than the 5 apps keyboard type by saying it is famous, without naming her, comes this size without giving up features, and most of all partner searches “Bing” is now customizable, by moving it on or off, in addition code has been added the percentage of the Arabic language.

Finally always offering plate Swift you new features periodically, and in case you want to try it you can download it for free on Android from here, or iOS here.

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