SwiftKey keyboard supports cursor control on Android

Swiftkey keyboard supports cursor control on Android

When it comes to Android keyboards, users are divided into two teams, one cheering Google's Gboard, and the other cheering Microsoft's "SwiftKey". However, both panels have their own advantages, over every latest version of Swiftkey it finally supports cursor control and this has been Gboard since ancient times.

For its part, this version is only a beta version, and within the next few weeks it will be made available to everyone, and unlike the Gboard keyboard, this feature in Swiftkey will allow you to scroll anywhere on the keyboard to move the cursor within the text field, therefore, you will not need to lock up Only yourself in the area around the spacebar.

Meanwhile, the cursor control differs between the two panels, so with Gboard you have to scroll on the space bar, while with Swiftkey you need to long press on the space bar and then start to draw.

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, this add-on in Swiftkey is now available as a “beta version” where you can download it by going to the Google Play Store from here , and it is reported that it is available on iOS since last January, although it was a popular request for years.

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