Switch continues to achieve strong performance in the French market

Nintendo Switch

The French market is one of the markets that face the hybrid device Nintendo Switch achieving strong performance in it, Philippe Lavoué Head new in France is expected to exceed sales of the device 3 million units there by the end of the current year, which he expects to sell the device to more than one million units in France this year, and given that the device has sold nearly 2 million units in the French market during the first two years of its release.

Sales of Nintendo Switch even now higher than last year in the French market for the same time period, as it has been emphasized that the proportion of buying games from the user for each device (attach rate) is the highest for any platform from a company need in its history. In addition, the number of players Switch female as a proportion larger than that of each of the plates and the Xbox.

Company New expects to sell 17 million units of the device in the current fiscal year and which ends with the end of the month of March next year to 2020.

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