Synology Moments and + DS1618: the perfect way to get the surfer special health with artificial intelligence.

Synology Moments و + DS1618: الطريقة المثالية للحصول على سيرفر خاص للصور بتقنية الذكاء الإصطناعي ؟

Presented “Google” innovations technology tremendous over the past few years to develop services in their own photos, Google Photos. Supported the service with further advanced based on the techniques of artificial intelligence in image analysis and recognition on the contents of the images of the characters, things, and places that I picked up as well as in its presentation to the user in a way that makes it possible to browse them and get to what they are looking for easily.

But, did you know that you can now have server of your own – at home or the workplace – keeping in your files, and classified and take advantage of those advanced technologies is immense in the field of artificial intelligence, and without the need for a monthly subscription or even connected to the internet? All you need is a server to store my home or my office Synology, and in this review I used the Server Desktop on corporate and small offices DS1618+ which supports 6 tablets storage different.

Offer the company, “Synology” artist in the field of storage servers and servers of various sizes and a system to run and manage the conduct I’ve always considered it the best in this area in terms of advantages and ease of use. In addition to the many advantages belabor in explained previously in previous audits, presented the latest update for DiskStation Manager a new service to save and categorize images and keep backup copies of them bearing the name Moments.

Moments: a service to keep the picture and classification using artificial intelligence and deep learning free to the owners of the servers of “enology”

Service available Moments in a photo package is available for download through the gallery plugins free Package Center, which can be accessed through the operating system DiskStation Manager your With available “enology” your.

After the inauguration of the service on the server can be accessed through the browser on the situation, as well as through a special application for smartphones. The application of Moments of smart phones that can transfer a backup copy size, quality, full of all the pictures stored on the mobile phone to your server, as well as browsed even after you remove photos from the phone itself.

Starts the server internally, without lifting your photos to the Internet to examine, in the processing of all the images added via the phone or through a browser and scanning for the components of the presence of people, things, places, and other data are processed through the technique of artificial intelligence.

At the time I got all of the hundreds of thousands of personal photos and photos of the work, service Moments after that. on the classification of the images and make browsing them more easily through the possibility to assemble them in photo albums for images that use the service as belonging to the event or the same occasion, and evaluation depending on the time period and the months media, as well as the possibility to search the photo using the person, the place, the time taken, or the things or events that infer the AI having it, like looking for “birthdays” or “search” is displayed all the pictures that contain that page.

Can through the app also share photos on your server with others over the Internet, or add a backup copy to a cloud service, as well as enable others to edit the pictures and classify and arrange them in various albums, and you can also customize a different account for each person has the right to review and store photos on the server can talk entirely in their own photos in complete privacy without asking for it that other users of the server.

DS1618+ Storage Server high performance capabilities are exceptional for backup

Supports the server used here are 6 hard drives, and has a processor quad core at a speed of 2,1 GHz, RAM RAM capacity in bytes, and quickly read the data of up to 2,037 MB per second with support for networking Ethernet over standard 10GBE newer currently the speed of data transfer across the network.

Can be connected to the server modes of the external storage (an external hard drive, Memory, flash memory,..) or printers, and other Retina devices through the 3 USB 3.0 ports, 4 ports Ethernet network port, PCIe port, eSATA.

Supports Server standards SMB, FTP, AFP, and NFS file management, also supports 4 different techniques for backup data, among them the possibility to adjust it for backup copies of files from any number of widgets connected to the network, and backup the contents of the server the same between different HDDs, as well as between more than one server Synology connected to the same network, or backup the contents of the server to various cloud services.

In addition to service Moments to store and categorize images, supports Server all the properties of the Diskstation Manager such as bouquet edit documents like applications “the office” and the rest of the desktop that allows the Calendar application to perform the task and the agenda with the possibility of sharing with the users of the server in the same organization or other Bureau, spices, instant messaging with them.

Available Surfer DS1618+ for sale at a price of 800 USD, and all packages and services mentioned above, completely free of charge via the operating system of the server built-in. Can get more the same in many of the server “sinology” and other wide range of prices that might fit with the user’s home more than this products exactly.

The Synology Moments and + DS1618: the perfect way to get the surfer special health with artificial intelligence. Appeared first on the tech world.

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