System 3 Spectacles of Snapchat. here’s specifications and features and price

The company launched the snap Snap of yesterday’s second generation of system by smart (quick 3) to allow you to record video clips, capture images, and apply three-dimensional effects new then the publication of such content on (Snapchat) Snapchat, or social networking other.

Unlike the versions of the former from the system of the Spectacles; to provide third-generation Spectacles 3 augmented reality developer, features new three-dimensional with the help of sensor the depth new. Thanks to this technology you can capture photos and turn them into three-dimensional images and animated GIFs GIF.

Available glasses Spectacles 3 exclusively on the store system of Snape on the internet, although they come with a new design is amazing, but priced much higher, up to $ 380 instead of 150 or 200 dollars for the former two, respectively.

Say (died in Hanover) Matt Hanover team Snap Lab: “the changes in the system of the Spectacles 3 are suitable for the target audience and they are: lovers of fashion makers of the content, who enjoy tools, new creative”. Perhaps this way is smart of the company to avoid the case on previous versions of the car which is still displayed, allowing the company to sell each version at a different price to compensate for the greater amount of their investment in this project.

According to the offer issued by the site The Information last Monday, the company Snapchat is already working on version IV of the system of Spectacles will augmented reality built-in, allowing users to share their creations directly through the glasses themselves, rather than the phone.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the system of the Spectacles 3 new from Snapchat:


نظارة 3 Spectacles من سناب شات.. إليك المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

Come glasses Spectacles 3 design of metal instead of plastic in some of the previous versions, and looks more elegant and valuable than ever before, but it is not His Excellency sunglasses with prices similar to that manufactured by fashion brands.

Very easy to connect it with your phone, all you have to do is added by the app Snapchat, during just a few minutes you can start shopping, there is a button on the side of the frame you can click them to record video, or capture three-dimensional images.

Besides the design, you’ll find sensor new depth to help the glasses in the identification of places, trees, rocks, persons and other things, which is what gives the picture three-dimensional depth of the new voice of the people, by allowing tilt the picture to the side to see more.

Glasses such as regular sunglasses, with the presence of two cameras have terms of metal up between them, which can be considered a negative point in the design, but need to make sure that cameras are present on the same line to pick up the items.


Storage images with 1728 × 1728 Pixel, and video clips at 60 frames per second and accurately 1216 × 1216 Pixel a. There are also four microphones embedded in the Spectacles 3 in order of sound quality in the video clips that you record.

You can capture 70 video clip or more than 200 images during one shipment, also can storage up to 4 GB save up to 100 videos, or 1200 image, which is considered sufficient to record most of the outside activities throughout the day.

You don’t have to do anything different when you register, such as previous versions all you need to do is press the button on the side of the frame to record the clips duration is 10 seconds with the sound, or press and hold to take a photo. You can prolong the periods of video recording up to 60 seconds at a time by pressing the button in quick succession.

نظارة 3 Spectacles من سناب شات.. إليك المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

There is a LED lamp glows to let others know that you are you register, there is also a LED indicator in there so you know the time of export, and you can adjust it and change the colors so that you get the alert when they send you the other shots.

You may want to sneak in a field there are trees or other objects if you want to show the effects of balloons on things. There is another filter to change the whole world to seem as if he was covered in rainbow colors, with some colors applied to objects near and objects far away.

All of this means that your shots will look more fun, rather than just the installation of posters and other things you can apply some of the new filters on the things around you intraday. Can the developers of Snapchat create new filters, which means that there will always be more attempts, similar to the way you work masks Snapchat Entertainment currently.

You can apply effects after recording a video, through open applications, then open the videos that you’ve taken, pressing the menu button, then click on option(adjustment). Will Snapchat that video three-dimensional, will allow you to choose from six filters for augmented reality AR filters, and if you capture three-dimensional image, just click on the button 3D button to apply the effect. You must have a Wi-Fi connection or a connection to a cell to apply the filters, and depending on the signal strength, this may take some time.

Battery and charging:

نظارة 3 Spectacles من سناب شات.. إليك المواصفات والمميزات والسعر

To recharge the Spectacles 3 you can put in a leather bag attractive foldable – may be a stylish bag is actually the best part in this version – it takes a full charge 75 minutes, through a cable USB-C comes with it.

Come Spectacles 3 also with the viewer virtual reality looks like Cardboard from Google, lets you restore the moment taken as if you were in place to meet the same.

You can enter your phone and then look to the sound board through the lens of the camera. You can also upload videos on YouTube VR180 so anyone who has a system of virtual reality of their participation.

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