System Android P will be upcoming events on the lock screen


If you’re the kind of person we schedule many events, the unlock your phone or having to check the calendar constantly may be annoying, especially since this inconvenience may be on a daily basis. But with Android P, it seems that the company Google has decided to change that by showing scheduled events on the lock screen.

This according to those in charge of the site Android Police who take a look at the second beta version of the Android P that have been released recently. For those who are wondering why this looks a little Familiar, that’s because it is similar in concept to feature upcoming events found in the phones Google Pixel 2, but in terms of how to display information, there are some differences in this aspect.

In the case of the phone the Google Pixel 2, The line displays the upcoming events that will be in the twenty minutes following, while in this case, the system will be Android P start time and the end of the event. This feature may be convenient for some users, despite the fact that at the same time we can imagine that there may be some users who prefer not to display their information on the lock screen where anyone can access them.

It is still not clear at the moment whether this feature will make their way to the official version, the final system Android P or not, but it looks a useful feature and convenient at the same time.



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