System Chrome 70 will provide a separate login for web sites depending on the browser

نظام كروم 70 سيوفر فصل تسجيل الدخول لمواقع الويب بالاعتماد على المتصفح

Due to reviews users for Chrome 69 about user login services Google allows automatically show it also connected to other web sites, the company decided to version of its next Chrome 70 with the possibility of disable the binding between the browser and web sites, has noted, a professor of cryptography Matthew Green this problem in Chrome 69 on that the browser tracks the user’s movements based on logged even if log accidentally Chrome.

Has explained Chrome, Adriane, Phil, that new change that has occurred in the mechanism to log on to cruise the world was coming to remind the user by log on, which Night Of course means that it has to synchronize its activities under the Google services unless several additional steps.

Will the tethering option is available by default in the next version of Chrome 70 while the user will be able to disable them and make sure that the browser doesn’t sync automatically, the amendment will the new change in Settings Clear cookies “Cookies” where it was in the previous survey it does not lead to clear login data of the client, while this property will remove those files also.

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