System Harmon from Huawei is not ready to be an alternative to Android

Huawei announced the Chinese system, its alternative to Android in the name of harmony, with a sensation in the last month. However, as a new operating system, you have solved the problem that defeated the system Windows phone from Microsoft, which provide applications.

For this reason, the company launched the Huawei software ARK Compiler which allows developers to analyze existing applications to be compatible with the system, Harmon easily, but it seems that this code is still not ready, and many of the Chinese companies that differ by stating that she can’t even transform their applications correctly in the current time.

Enabled team Abacus to get some information from the developers who use the software ARK Compiler, who indicated they are not completely ready to rely on them, and allow them to create trial versions at least of their applications on the new system, so they lack some of the Kunas of life and is able to create executable files. Although the programming of the ARK Compiler is supposed to be open source, however, Huawei has not ratified the code yet.

Wonder one of the developers whether the detection magnifying glass on the system of harmony was not only a publicity stunt to show the strength, and perhaps the police to help in the war of business against the United States, which increases its influence.

Sources: Abacus – Android Police

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