System Hongmeng OS coming from Huawei is not targeting smartphones

Noted Catherine Chen, vice president of Huawei in his remarks لXinhuaNet system Hongmeng OS that develops is currently not targeted by the company’s smart phones, it supports Huawei phones coming with Andre.

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Indicated several leaks during the financial period to to Huawei evolution of the operating system Hongmeng OS as an alternative operating system landed after the withdrawal of the license landed from the company with the fallout of the ban imposed by the American administration on the Huawei.

However, comments came across the vice-president of Huawei company Catherine Chen, confirmed that the system of Hongmeng OS is not aimed at smartphones, so it seems that the Chinese giant is ready to support its smart phones running landed during the coming period.

He also added Catherine Chen in his remarks to XinhuaNet, the system Hongmeng OS comes during the coming period to support industrial purposes where the use of Huawei in support of their versions running landed.

I have indicated that Huawei previously at the start of the Prohibition of the license landed, that the system private company that develops currently would apply in the autumn of this year, so it was expected to be the system of alternative for the landed, as hinted, the chief executive of the company in the statements of multiple to to Hongmeng is an alternative for the landed, or it will be the alternative reserve landed.

Projections indicate that the reason behind the comments Huawei’s new back to the licenses to be submitted to the company during the coming period in accordance with the resolutions Trump the last, which will license, landed, so I changed the statements of Huawei from the reference to the system Hongmeng OS as an alternative to Andre to confirm the company that is customized for smart phones.


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