System iOS 13. here’s how to update, best new features

The company issued Apple last Thursday the final version of the operating system (iOS 13) iOS 13 for all phones iPhone compatible, and iPod touch, so one day before the launch of the iPhone, new: iPhone 11, andiPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In the iOS version 13; of the eagerness of Apple to make the iPhone faster, smarter and safer, where features include new keyboard, QuickPath based on gestures, and a tool to prevent unknown callers, new tools for editing images, and Dark Dark Mode.

The system supports also new tools in the Maps application work on closing the gap with Google Maps in the Android system, and security features like: feature (log in with the Apple TV) Sign In with Apple that provides a new way to more privacy and to log in to apps and websites.

With the launch of the Apple operating system iOS 13 now; it has already its Google launched the operating system (Android 10) Android 10 at the beginning of the month, we can say that the two companies had begun a phase of new competitive on the operating system the strongest, and the easiest to use, the most privacy, but with the fact that the Android system depends on approximately 90% of phones in the world, the Apple has its work to maintain its market share competitiveness.

It should be noted that the latest model of the Apple iPhone lags behind competitors in key features such as: support for the 5G, but carrying new features in the camera such as: night mode independent, and the camera is ultra high definition.

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Here’s everything you need to know about iOS system 13, How to update iPhone to its best features to your phone.

First; how to install iOS 13:

تحديث النظام

Warning: despite the improved performance of the iOS version 13, support for many features, but the most important thing that you should put in mind before you install the update – at least for the time being – that the new version not as good as usual for Apple, it is therefore necessary to wait for iOS 13.1, which is scheduled to launch next Tuesday 24 September.

Recommended before the start of the install any update to the operating system that you create a backup of the existing data on your phone, and then follow these steps:

  • Go to (Settings) Settings.
  • Click on the Section (General) General.
  • Click on the option(Software Update), the where your device will search for updates, and it must display a notice about 1.iOS 13; click Download and install.
  • It may take updating your device some time, and will not be able to use it while running the update.

The performance of the operating system 13 iOS:

نظام iOS 13.. إليك كيفية التحديث وأفضل الميزات الجديدة

Apple states “it’s focused on speed and performance again, for example: it will open the iPhone using a feature (Face Recognition) Face ID 30% faster, as you will download the app and also faster than in the past, because Apple has worked to make the app smaller by 50%, as updates also become smaller by 60%, as a result, the speed of loading applications and has now become twice as fast.

The most important new features:

1. get rid of anonymous communications:

Using one button; you can get rid of the ringing callers unknown effectively, and when you enable this feature will not allow iOS system 13 to receive calls only from contacts, and numbers in mail or messages, and it will go directly to voice mail.

2. activate Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth in a faster manner:

This is a feature long requested by users of the operating system (iOS) is a way to connect to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Control Center, instead of having to open the Settings app and several times.

With iOS 13, allowed Apple to finally offer networks or devices available via Bluetooth communication out without opening the settings.

3 – the choice of QuickPath in the keyboard:

الكتابة بالإيماءات

Although Apple started earlier to allow the development of external keyboards work on devices iPhone and iPad, only the keyboard Apple TV still lacks the option of gesture typing.

Apple allows it (QuickPath Typing) in theory is faster, and more accurate than virtual keyboards, as you will get spelling suggestions while you’re typing, and this feature is especially useful for typing with one hand, which is ready for use as soon as you install iOS 13.

4 – Dark Mode:

نظام iOS 13.. إليك كيفية التحديث وأفضل الميزات الجديدة

Called (dark mode) Dark Mode users to download the screen of the device from a glaring white to screen black, and this helps preserve battery life by lighting a smaller number of pixels of the screen, it also works to reduce eye strain.

Offer the advantage of dark mode in the version of iOS of 13 set the colors of the dark new, working in all sections of the system, and all internal applications; to provide a great user experience, especially in surroundings with low light.

5. the feature to sign in with the Apple TV:

نظام iOS 13.. إليك كيفية التحديث وأفضل الميزات الجديدة

This feature provides a new way and more privacy to log in to applications and websites, instead of using social media accounts or fill out forms, check e-mail, or choose passwords, customers can use the (ID Apple) Apple ID for authentication.

You will feature to Sign In with the Apple users to authenticate using facial recognition Face ID, or using the fingerprint Touch ID, with the integration of authentication using two components for an additional level of security, and don’t use the Apple TV feature to configure a file on the users or their activity on the app.

The system comes also improvements in the application of the apple core, including: Maps application – which has become offers a wider coverage of roads, the data is better for pedestrians, and addresses more accurate, as Will the app also has a number of new features – as well as application images, and application reminders, which will become smarter and will be able to identify the dates and times automatically.


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