System Linksys corporate interlocks Velop called the binary cover home best

Velop mesh router

Velop mesh router

Within its participation in the exhibition CES electronics, announced a giant network Linksys about the update system network popular mesh Wi-Fi has known as Velop so as to include system of binary what reflected positively on the performance and minimize the size of the device compared to the triple.

Among the new updates provided by Linksys to increase the level of security and improvement of the Parental Control and monitor network traffic and ban sites and data in the application Linksys.

System can be installed network Linksys new with any Wi-Fi network available to represent each piece within the system device AC1300 Dual Band works crouch or Tonic Network Access Point and bridge connections.

Each device supports standard wireless networks 02.11 ac at speeds total up to 1300 Mbps. Can adjust devices easily via the app Linksys to using the Bluetooth establishes a connection encrypted and secure between your smartphone and.

Related system Velop with the cloud service to buy a Linksys, therefore, can download updates to the operating system and add new features to the viewer Linksys provide a guarantee and technical support for three years.

Police did not release the price of the system but it expected to be selling the pieces one at a price of $ 200.

The numismatic use of mesh networks Mesh Wi-Fi network during the past year a large percentage above 300% are expected to continue to grow this year.

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