System MacOS 10.15 the next will bring with it several features from iOS, according to a new report


It seems that the update MacOS 10.15 next from Apple will be a update brings with it many features, at least based on the various reports that we have seen so far. It has appeared now a new report says that Apple will be bringing a set of features from the iOS system to the system of MaOS 10.15, such as Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time, and more. It is planned to reveal the Apple system MacOS 10.15 at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019 to be held in the month of June next.

The report from the website 9to5mac indicate that Apple will bring the feature Siri Shortcuts to system MaOS 10.15, and is likely to include the Application Shortcuts also. This feature allows users to create voice commands especially for the digital assistant Siri to do certain actions in a specific application. You can also associate different actions with included every shortcut for several apps also.

Although the feature shortcuts Shortcuts may be available on the system MacOS 10.15, but it may only work in applications that brought Apple from the iOS system to the system of the MacOS, such as the Apple News and Apple Home. Is expected to bring Apple more apps.

Allow the advantage of ” Screen Time ” on iOS for users to know how much time they spend on their device and on every application individually throughout the day. Allow them this feature also set limits for use. It is said that Apple is working to expand this feature to the next version of the system MacOS. Needless to say, you won’t tell Apple to disclose any information about the system MacOS 10.15 killer before its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019, but it will definitely work to make its operating system more attractive to users.


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