System Samsung DeX in the phone Galaxy Note 9 won’t need a docking station

samsung dex

Samsung DeX is a product announced by Samsung for the first time with the two phones Galaxy S8 and +Galaxy S8 in the last year. The company Samsung to provide this region as the future of work on mobile devices. All you have to do is get the base of the Samsung DeX Station and connect it with an external monitor, and connect the phone to driving to get a similar experience to that you get in desktop computers. That didn’t happen due to multiple factors, but it seems that Samsung returned to the drawing board to reinvent the experience of Samsung DeX specifically for Galaxy Note 9.

The Samsung DeX VI is convenient because it requires a special accessory called Samsung DeX Station, which is in itself costly. Thus, there are a lot of people who haven’t bothered to buy this supplement.

Revealed multiple reports now that the experience of the Samsung DeX in the phone Galaxy Note 9 you will not need to supplement. It will be possible to use the interface Samsung DeX without the need to base Samsung DeX Station or Samsung DeX Pad. What your users need instead is the adapter works to convert USB Type-C to HDMI port.

Certainly this would be an easy solution and inexpensive for your phone Galaxy Note 9 to obtain productivity experience like experience productivity on personal computers on their outer monitors without having to spend more than $ 100 on a supplement can be abandoned forever in time.

Cost analyst, ” USB Type-C to HDMI ” only a few dollars, as it would be able to accomplish the task as well. Will open interface Samsung DeX as soon as you connect the phone to an external monitor, users will still be able to connect a keyboard and mouse with your device wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

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