Tab expecting its revenue to 1 billion USD by 2022


  • Technology platform racing rise of the potential of the sector of road freight, which suffer from lack of development
  • Report “Frost & Sullivan” highlights the need for specialist supported by a technology-sector management logic growing in the GCC countries The size of US $ 100 million
  • The vision of smart Dubai and Expo 2020 are key drivers for the growth of the logistics sector in the state

Dubai, United Arab Emirates January 9, 2018: the company is facing “tap“, the leading provider of trucking and logistics services, backed by technology which has been operating since 2015, consolidating its privileged position in the sector of road freight and trucking across its fleet Mega which over 350 thousand truck network and its customers is clear, which includes more than 200 companies and institutions. Thanks to this potential, the company expects to achieve revenues up to USD 1 billion by the year 2022, stands the GCC alone behind 40% of them.

Entered the platform “tap” the market of the United Arab Emirates in 2017 with the aim of providing the logistics services sector in the state by a series easy, especially in light of the growing demand for these services. At present, the company prides itself operates 20 thousand trucks in the GCC alone, and this number is growing simultaneously with growth, which registered its customer base of major companies in various sectors.

According to a report prepared by the consulting firm Global Strategy leading “Frost & Sullivan”, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates the largest sectors of the logistics services on the level of the Gulf region, with an estimated market size is estimated at 55 million and 30 million USD respectively. Moreover, the volume of business opportunities in the road transport sector all over the GCC countries us $ 24 billion, and it is exactly here comes the importance of harnessing technology in the field of Transport and logistics services.

Thanks to its infrastructure and cutting-edge technology for the possibility of customization according to the need, the “tab” on the design models for freight and logistics inadequate capacity to support companies and enable them to meet the needs of its customers with the highest levels of speed and flexibility. In the framework of the UAE to build a knowledge economy and promote economic diversification and reduce dependence on sectors oil, projections indicate an increasing growth in the volume of trade and the response to the growing demand in different sectors, with the support of innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies and shared resources.

In this context, said control Ahmed co-founder and CEO of “tap world”: “in the shadow of the figure of the city growing its various business segments, it is still the logistics behind this wave of digital, or that he did not receive adequate attention because of its complex nature as the services exchanged between the companies. Unlike techniques that rely on the transport company’s joint which offer their services to individuals, possessed of a freight train the wild many factors and requires extensive knowledge of the sector of logistics has developed an innovative platform such as ’tap‘. After developed properly, can serve the trucking and supported by technologies that contribute to play a significant role in supporting various sectors and the efforts to build smart cities enjoying the highest standards of efficiency and flexibility. There is no doubt that logistics at the time of the current still lags behind other, which hinders growth in many other sectors that depends its prosperity on shipping speed and efficiency of cargo transportation”.

Ahmed explained that the growth of the United Arab Emirates in the census of population and high consumption and the use of the internet, also accompanied by accelerated growth in e-commerce sector which is expected the arrival of its value to $ 10 billion during the next two to three years, adding to the overall rise in the movement of the trade balance.

He added: “in our digital age that connects everyone to the internet, customers expect the delivery and receipt of their goods with higher levels of accuracy and speed, can be to the success of this trade or failure that determines the extent of customer loyalty to the brand. These are just some of the factors that put pressure on the companies that recognize the logistics and the nerve of her life, especially if you fail to keep up with the dynamics of the changing market and meet the expectations of its customers. Here comes the role of team work ’tap‘ the place of the rebels who possess extensive knowledge and a strong track record of success and helps them put their experience in the hands of businesses daily to help them cope with the complexities of the logistics sector and enable them to meet the expectations of their customers. The work of the group of our company on the design of this product innovative technology specially designed in a way that takes into account the problems faced by customers and transport companies in the logistics sector and provide them with the ideal that suits their needs.”

In the meantime, treat the goods transport sector and logistics from lack of development because of the Frequent providers of services, low productivity and lack of regulatory controls, higher costs and limited value. In fact, a report “Frost & Sullivan” that the level of productivity of International Logistics firms in Dubai only to fall by Between 10 and 15% compared to a global operation, as a result of the weak dependence on advanced technologies in the sector.

Technology can contribute to transform these constraints to transport services more competitive and efficient in the region as a whole through the transportation services of the Ad Hoc on-demand shared resources. Show control interface in the platform “Tap” to customers and continuously updated data and maps of the various proliferation including reverse transfer, documents, reports, automated, index usage, and provides the service, management of staff and vehicles, data analysis, pricing, flexible, in addition to the possibility of human resource management and insurance services for shipping. Furthermore, it allows machine learning algorithms to “tap” the possibility of pricing and reverse, and managers of supply chain decision making supported by data on the seasonal cycles and the renewal of resources and other logistical factors.

For its part, said Manmohan Agarwal, founder, “tab”: “technology is central to the preparation and submission of successful service, so we focused from the outset on the development of the technique of our own for the ’tap‘ that we aim to keep up with the needs of the customer and goods transport alike. While the adoption of the techniques available option available and more easily, but we have avoided docile behind technology platforms may restrict the ability of us and our aspirations and possess the initiative to. It is through our cooperation with a number of major clients, we have succeeded in providing them with customized solutions to meet their aspirations and improve the services that we provide to them. Technology should be able to align different sectors that we work with, such as ports, import and export, retail and distribution, manufacturing, and SMEs and large industries in sectors such as automotive industry, building materials, cement, consumer goods fast-moving, iron and steel, oil and gas, drugs and logistics multinational, but not limited to”.

Thanks to the team work of its owners diverse experience in different sectors such as road freight and logistics services, along with transportation solutions technical innovations, think, think “tap” the ideal partner to improve the operations of road freight to meet the aspirations of a Smart City based on digital throughout the region, which have the highest sustainability, efficiency and carbon footprint low.

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