Tablet and iPad computers MacBook you will get on the screen of the Mini-LED in the near future

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According to the old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple is working on new models of iPad and MacBook with a screen more advanced. You will recognize these young technology Mini-LED, is expected to reach the market sometime between late 2020 mid 2021.

You will use both the MacBook and iPad about 10 thousands of an LED lamp for these screens, and this in turn is a huge jump from the 576 LED lamp in the screen of the Apple Pro Display XDR rule. Will each LED lamp is less than 200 microns, and ranges from the size of the screens between 10 and 12 inches when it comes to iPad Pro, and will range between 15 and 17-inch when it comes to MacBook Pro.

Because OLED screens medium size has become cheaper and easier in the making, the thought that Apple won’t look anywhere else until mature technology MicroLED. However, monitors have enjoyed a Mini-LED with one of the OLED screens, this feature is no risk of burning. In addition, this will move to screen the Mini-LED’s to reduce the reliance of Apple on Samsung because the South Korean company is still the underline on the market OLEDs small and medium enterprises.

Let display Mini-LED design thinner and lighter with continue to offer performance similar to the performance of OLEDs. It was reported that Apple will use LG Display as the main with some help from Epistar and Zhen Ding and Radiant Opto-Electronics and Nichia and Avary Holding and TSMT.

Will up this technique for the first time to the series tablets the iPad by the end of next year will be brought to series computers MacBook Pro shortly after.

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