Tablet folding coming, and Lenovo is coming one featuring a screen made by LG


You may be sick of reading rumors about smart phones folding, which became the date of its arrival is imminent. After all, it was smart phones folding in the news for many years without charging a single device or already been announced, but what about tablets folding on? Well, apparently she will be also present at some time in the future. The device comes tablet the first folding of the company Lenovo note that the collapsible screen that will be used in this device will be manufactured by LG, at least in the case if the report that we got today from South Korea true.

Tablet folding boat company Lenovo will have a screen size of 13-inch when open the size is 8 to 9 inches when folded. And, apparently, will be selling this tablet in the beginning in China. And, apparently, LG see more opportunities in the tablet market folding compared to the market of smart phones folding, because in the case of the smartphone screen is hidden when folded. But this downside turns into a feature on tablet devices, they become smaller and easier to load when it is folded.

It is also easy to create screens solid tablet because the phones need to be folded dozens if not hundreds of times in the day, while tablet devices will be less prone to folding. Regardless of the company Lenovo, it seems that LG want to also sell the same screen folding adult size 13 inch Dell.

Needless to say, everything that has been trading now is still in the box, the rumors, and therefore all information included in this report still not confirmed officially informed that the company LG refused to comment clearly on this report.



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