Tablet home the Galaxy Tab S6 preen in a set of official photos leaked

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Expected to learn Samsung About tablet new flagship Galaxy Tab S6 on the seventh day of the month of August along with the series phones Galaxy Note 10 Series. And even then, it was in last week’s leaked photo realistic this tablet tell us what to expect from this tablet. But now appeared the first official pictures of this tablet, which gives us our best look yet at the Galaxy Tab S6.

Tablet Galaxy Tab Galaxy S6 like Galaxy Tab S5e current, but there are some changes. Needs tablet Galaxy Tab S6 to the two cameras in the upper left corner of the backend instead of a single camera. It is estimated that this dual rear camera will be a camera background accurately 13 megapixels and a secondary camera of 5 megapixels.

Provides the bottom this camera is a groove for the E-S Pen on its design which it is charged wirelessly when it is attached to the tablet. This also means that the S Pen new will Bluetooth. Apart from that, the tablet Galaxy Tab Galaxy S6 will also four speakers from AKG, two at the top and bottom. Will contain the tablet, as well on the USB TYpe-C at the bottom, but there is no port for headphones.

Samsung will launch Galaxy Tab S6 with a detachable keyboard, which will sell separately, will the tablet itself is available in three colors at least include blue, gray and pink. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the previous rumors reported that the Galaxy Tab Galaxy S6 will have a screen size of 10.5 inch, and eight-core processor class Snapdragon 855, but it is likely to be leaking more from the specifications of this device in the coming days.


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