Tablet Microsoft Surface Go didn’t get the ARM processor because of the Intel


Microsoft has recently launched a version hanging from the incident Surface to carry the name of the Surface to Go the Intel Pentium Gold they also provide the experience of Windows 10 full in small dimensions. And, apparently, Microsoft was interested in using ARM processor in this tablet, but decided not to do it in the end due to the insistence of Intel.

The report from the website Thurrott says that Microsoft was interested in using the processor based on architecture ARM in the tablet Surface to Go, but it seems that Intel intervened in the end and persuaded Microsoft using Processor Intel Pentium Gold instead.

It is said that Intel had made a ” plea for Microsoft ” to be able to convince her using the Processor Intel Pentium Gold instead of the ARM processor in the tablet, Surface-the-Go. Some may argue that Intel has granted to Microsoft a good service here because ARM processors are not able to match Intel in terms of performance and capabilities in laptops.

However, this does not mean that ARM processors won’t be able to run the system Windowd 10 at all. In fact, it is estimated that up computers Windows 10 equipped with the Processor Snapdragon 850 from Qualcomm in the fall of this year. The company Qualcomm also launched a new processor brings with it performance improvements in the next year which makes it able to provide the same performance provided by the Intel processors or better.



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