Tablets New Barnes & Noble

Tablets new from Barnes & Noble

I think the largest book retailer in the world (Barnes & Noble) I think the competition is not quite some time in market forces and principles e-books tablets tablets.

The company is planning to return again in the circle of competition .

Nook 10.1 is the name of the tablet that announced about the company, and decided to put it in the holiday season which runs throughout November and December .

Tablets new from Barnes & Noble

The most prominent features of the new device, as reported in the company’s official website :

  • A screen size of 10.1 inch
  • The internal storage space of 32 GB
  • Memory card can up to 256 GB
  • Battery lasts for 8.5 hours in continuous operation
  • Camera front and rear both with 2-megapixel

The device will be in the market on 14 November at a price of $ 130 only .

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