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We have become conceived almost entirely in iPhone next, according to the successive design and specifications. When we confirm a semi-final that Apple will adopt a camera design of the tripartite considered by many as something ugly and boring, although behind this is the great technique and sophisticated. In the past few days, appeared the perceptions of those designs showed the iPhone next to look gorgeous and elegant than what we expected.

ألق نظرة على آي-فون 11 ماكس الأنيق

The graphic designer building well Cayman, living in Germany, he created the perception of any-iPhone 11 Max owner number three, this design in fact gorgeous and stunning and was widely acceptable to the sites of the various technical, has been based Cayman in that to latest leaks and reports. So it needs to be those designs are very accurate why would you need iPhone 11 Max next.

But there may be a difference between the design of the Cayman and the-iPhone. Because the square appears the camera triple in black in all models Gray and gold. While rumors say that Apple is working on the non-appearance of the color of the camera area of the tripartite is eye-catching and will try to incorporate those colors with the color of the phone.

The interesting thing to also consider, that the models of iPhone came with the same size of natural for-iPhone 11 Max.

It also did not neglect well Cayman the most important features of iOS 13 next a dark mode or night mode, which showed up nicely.

This also

There is no doubt that dark mode in OLED screens would be useful to save energy significantly due to the lack of extra pixels, or at least be part faint relieve the eye.

Also provided perceptions of the different colors of them

This also

For more pictures you can visit the page Well, the Cayman at the factory the bottom of the article.

What do you think of those designs? Will it be not widespread like the note? Tell us in the comments.


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