Take a look at the pictures of the phone OnePlus 7T, which confirm his arrival with three cameras in the back

OnePlus 7T

Two days ago we saw schematic drawings for a mysterious company OnePlus features camera design carousel in the backend, and now it turns out that this phone is the OnePlus 7T. This comes certainly from the experiences of the famous French OnLeaks who decided today published a photo of new computer won’t how it will look this phone from different angles.

As you can see, the front end of the phone OnePlus 7T resemble the front end of the phone OnePlus current 7, it’s the other houses the screen long stretch with little in the top middle section for the front camera earpiece and the rest of the sensors of the other. However, we can’t say the same thing about the backend, they are a different design includes the unit of circular shape comprising three cameras on the reverse phone OnePlus 7 current features two cameras just in the backend the Status column in the top middle section of the facade.

The change of the other observed waves in the lower part of the phone OnePlus 7T, this last featuring a USB Type-C in the middle is next to a port woofer in one side and microphone on the other side to reverse phone OnePlus current 7 which includes a separate USB Type-C in the middle and a woofer in one side and microphone on the other side while maintaining the same product design. And for the rest of the design, has remained the same without change with the knowledge that the phone OnePlus 7T also has the same dimensions of the phone OnePlus 7 almost.

With regard to the technical specifications, it is expected that the phone comes OnePlus 7T with the processor +Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm, and with up to 8GB of RAM. Returning to the cameras, it seems that the front camera will remain the same without change, but it remains to be seen whether the primary camera of the phone OnePlus 7T coming with the camera close to or with a camera, wide angle or both. It should be noted that the phone OnePlus 7 Current does not guarantee any of these cameras, so it will be a distinctive addition.

Generally, it is likely to be a formal unveiling of the two phones OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro in September along with a smart TV Nov TV. According to OnLeaks, it is stated that the company OnePlus is also planning to announce a phone for OnePlus 7T McLaren Edition as well.


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