Take a look at this sample of images captured using the Xiaomi phone Mi9 associated

Xiaomi Mi9 -

Will Xiaomi phone Mi9 in the next week, and we know that he will have three cameras at the back. Today, the co-founder of Xiaomi, Mr. Chuan Wang published a sample of photos taken using Xiaomi phone Mi9 in his account official on the social network of Chinese Weibo. First, detect the image of the flowers in some bad lighting, followed by two pictures of each dog, crab. These last two contain watermark in the lower left corner reveals that the primary camera in the phone Xiaomi Mi9 will sensor 48 megapixels.

All three pictures you know the details are incredible. Receive each petal of the flowers a different amount of light, its camera is perfect. Plants are in fact plastic, but has been maintained on the colors, and shadows as realistic as possible. Unfortunately, she disappeared the metadata after the image is deployed on Weibo, so we don’t know other details such as ISO, length the focal length.

The image of the three dogs are also good in terms of detail. Every hair piece looks distinctive, and you can be aware of the differences in the noses of dogs, and there are even a reflection of Chuan Wang in the eyes of the dog. Of course, this picture was taken in the middle of the day in the nice weather to some extent, so obviously the camera will perform well.

This picture was taken the second crab is in the water, regardless of the point of the ethical assessment of animals in cages, this image look distinct. All the details are present, including some of the air bubbles. If you to the air on the upper left side, you can see that there is some frequency less, which means that the camera received more information in one shot – it was taken definitely using the Night Mode ” Night Mode “.


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