Take advantage of the performance improvements between the iPad Pro and the Apple TV

I didn’t know the Apple TV for any new versions of the registry Apple TV in the conference 2019 WWDC this year, but they announced some improvements to the core of how we use it. Since Apple introduced in iPadOS some improvements in performance between the iPad Pro and the Apple TV, where they say the response time between the device and the system from 20 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds. This means that an iPad will do a better job, especially in the finer details during the use of the pen, which of course will lead to the experience of writing Amazing similar to a pen writing on paper. It is also possible that there are subtle differences, but it’s a big step on the road to technical development terrible of the registry Apple TV and the iPad. But Apple move on the announcement that the registry Apple TV is not just a tool for drawing and scribbles.

The director software development of the Apple TV, Craig very last week that the developers of third party applications who make the apps use the registry Apple TV, also be able to take advantage of those improvements significantly.

Posted free that information in a reply to an e-mail message sent by an application developer Artstudio Pro named Cladio Juliano, who published what he said were last week on Twitter. It was highlighted that information today in a tweet by developer Steve you can see they Smith.

In the email, explain free that the developers of third-party apps were able to access to predict the touch through the use of UIKit Framework ” free open source access to provide to the developer the trouble of designing so many things” to use since iOS 9. But with iOS 13, get developers on the “latest and greatest” developments in the prediction of the touch screen and reduce the response time thanks to the library PencilKit.

Includes free way provided by Apple’s improvements to reduce the response time, and indicates the presence of a small difference of 4 ms will not be able to the developers have access to this code that allow it in the meantime for security reasons.

It came in the mail, free e-mail:

Note that we achieve the response time low by integrating several techniques: improvements to Metal “programming interface to produce graphics for the applications“, as well as improvements to the prediction of the touch screen, and the processing of the event in mid-frame or mid-frame event processing. In short, Apple has access to this result by the possibilities of the engine Dead graphic equalizer and forecasting the next move to edit the title before you start drawing.

Can the developers of third party apps to achieve similar experiences in the response time low by taking advantage of the updates to the Metal and predict touch. And it’s all covered in the meetings of the conference of the WWDC 2019. In other words, the information that is shared by Very that third-party applications that take advantage of the registry Apple TV you will get some improvements to shorten the response time that we’ll see it when you use the pen Apple.

It was included improvements to reduce the response time to the pen and Apple in iPadOS source for playback on an iPad. But unfortunately, different writing experience varies considerably between applications, where each developer to reach his own way in the implementation of the movements of the pen. Only a few apps, managed to submit something like the feeling of writing by Apple like you used a real pen to write on paper and before them of course apps Apple.

We have to wait for updates to apps that support the pen, the Apple TV, to see how successful PencilKit in practice.

It should be noted that all IP devices-iPad current Apple TV supports pen Apple. The iPad Pro with the second generation of the registry Apple TV, while iPad and iPad mini and iPad Air from the previous generation with a pen the original Apple TV or the first generation.

If you are using a registry Apple TV do you complain about the response time between it and an iPad? And what do you think about this move from Apple TV? Tell us in the comments.



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