Talks between Google, the Parent Alphabet, Aramco to build a technology center in Saudi Arabia

This topic talks between Google, the Parent Alphabet, Aramco to build a technology center in Saudi Arabia appeared on Engadget.

Some insiders on the page the potential that oil giant Saudi Aramco and Google parent Alphabet two of the largest companies in the world, talks about building a technology center within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Google Parent Alphabet and Aramco in Talks to Build Tech Hub in Saudi Arabia

As part of the joint venture likely, will Google Alphabet oil company Saudi Aramco, to build data centers around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is not clear specifically what are those data which will be hosted by the centres.

Said insiders on the page the chief executives of Aramco and Alphabetكانوا in talks for several months about this joint project, and they indicated that the talks included the CEO of Alphabet “Larry Page”, which was encouraged by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who wants to bring more technical expertise to the kingdom, Prince Mohammed says the kingdom plans to acquire a company Aramco, said one of the people if the size of the joint venture likely is not clear, although it may be large enough to become listed on the stock exchange Saudi Arabia.

Such cooperation would help to strengthen and develop the technology sector in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the aim pointed out by Prince Mohammed, as an essential part of your plan, known as vision, Saudi Arabia vision 2030, for the development of the kingdom in preparation for the post entry into force of the oil on which it relies.

Google Alphabet that you compete with both Amazon and Microsoft in the area of renting computing power and storage via the internet, and its joint venture with Saudi Aramco as a foothold mainly in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to develop the technology sector, it is known that the three companies do not have huge areas of data in the industrial field in the region, despite the fact that Amazon is planning to open one in Bahrain, announced that Microsoft, it will open two data centres in South Africa this year.

Also that Amazon is nearing completion of a million-dollar deal to build three data centers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is expected to be announced on this page during the trip to the United States by Prince Mohammed in the early part of this year.

It is likely to contribute appropriate data centers in Saudi Arabia Google to achieve success in the business customers of the oil industry who are looking to transfer computing operations to the cloud storage services, and can reach costs of these centres to the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Most of the data on the Middle East are transported from Europe, which is accessed via cables under the sea for long distances, according to a person familiar with the talks Google, Aramco, and the servers local data – that will be the content memory, the cached data of the personal navigation or social media content – to steal access and help the country to be more competitive in the digital economy.

The company was Alphabet and other giants of the digital translator in the creation of data centers in the Middle East, Africa and most Asian countries due to fears of data protection, unlike the United States, the company generally does not need a court order to access private data.

Experts say the internet is the lack of protection for users of data across the internet in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States still constitutes an obstacle to the measurement of the giant Internet companies the American store large amounts of data.

The Aramco intends to in the middle of planning for an initial public offering, which was requested by the government for this year, although it is unclear whether it will accomplish it in that time frame, said Prince Mohammed that the proceeds of the offer initial public offering will be used for investment outside the oil industry.

Since that declared Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the plan of offering shares, which is estimated at $ 2 trillion for the overall company in early 2016, commented advisers agree that even with the rebound in oil prices, investors will struggle to value the company that exceed $ 1.5 trillion.


This topic talks between Google, the Parent Alphabet, Aramco to build a technology center in Saudi Arabia appeared on Engadget.

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