“Tapplock One”.. good-bye to Abu open

Day after day, to absorb the impact of technological progress to the many minutes of our lives, so we can say goodbye to conventional locks, a bad appearance and weak protection which operate the keys of knowledge to loss, and we can lock The “tableau your Wen” Tapplock One, One glimpse of our future.

Works lock “the table you Wen” Tapplock One without the keys, where it is to open it via Bluetooth to Bluetooth or fingerprint or Morse code, along with its attractive appearance is the Color Silver, gray, golden and black.

Setup requires lock “the table you Wen” download the application “tableau” Tapplock on your smartphone, create an account through it, then log in and associate the lock with the phone via Bluetooth, where you can then lock and open the lock via the app, create profiles, fingerprints and the group of symbols of the Morse code, which will enable their use also in opening the lock.

And the Morse code to open the lock by entering the code by pressing the key the power to the lock, where the pressure short of the “point” while representing touch long “the company”, thus, can open the lock code that you define yourself within the app.

Was “spice you Wen” Tapplock one reader prints on their outer surface, where the lock is opened as soon as you put the right footprint on the screen, parts of the second, as there is through the app the ability to add others to open the lock, with you fully in this process, where the thief can’t add one without your consent.

Locks “table you Wen” high security, they are water resistant fully, and work in temperature conditions of up to 62 ° C, and its outer is made from alloy of zinc, the other parts are of steel-reinforced stainless steel, sold at a price of $ 99 (approx 1800 EGP).

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