Target to stop the service.. details of the most powerful attack on Telegram

The company reported a Telegram in the tweet, and that its servers were attacked “strong” in what is known as (DDoS) attack which aims to stop the service, has users in the United States and other connectivity issues already, so that in this attack is the use of computers that have been controlled or infected with these viruses to target servers to any location which is what happened already with the team.

Telegram explains DDoS attack

Telegram تكشف تفاصيل هجوم DDoS الذي استهدف خوادمهاTeam reveal the details of a DDoS attack that targeted its servers

Came on Twitter on the lips of officials of the company: “We are currently faced with a strong attack known as DDoS, may face the users of Telegram in the Americas and some users from other countries a problem in the connection, the police described DDoS as “denial-of-Service-site ” i.e., it controls the service provider and it can be distributed, similar to their tweet Telegram that they were an army of lemmings just jumped out of the queue in McDonald’s in front of you, and all of them required food and rudeness, of course, will create much confusion for the service and they can’t meet all of those requests once which will make the service be affected and even”.

The tweet Telegram: “to create those applications uses the kidnappers are robots these are the words from the computers of unsuspecting users who have been infected with malware at some point in the past, this makes DDoS a similar attack zombies on the world”.

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