Taxes Trump won’t match the Apple Watch meet fitness aid audio

ضرائب ترامب لن تطال ساعة آبل ومتعقبات اللياقة والمساعدات الصوتية

Lags US technology companies that match the A new tax that will be posed by Trump on the parts of China which are involved in many of the Apple products Fitbit uses, and other other companies.

In a report from the website of Bloomberg, showed that the final list of taxation will not include pieces of electronic devices operating to transfer voice data, i.e., the class that contains the Apple Watch and bracelet FitBit sports and plugin voice for the bad photo, in addition to a number of other trackers Sports Aid home brand American different, this serves as good news for Apple TV and those companies, and a message reassuring the consumer that the prices of these products will not be affected by tests.

The description of the document the customs of this new category in vague terms, as classified under receivers and download data transfer and renewal of sound and image, to this list a large number of technical products as we mentioned earlier, in a letter to Apple by the representation of the trade has classified its products the Apple Watch and AirPods and HomePod and BeatsWL and the AirPort under this category.

But the impact of taxes on a number of Apple products such as Transformers, and Mac mini and any panels electrical circuits or pieces of electronic interference in the domestic industry devices and separately for the United States, and the list includes everyone of the major products such as phones also.

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