Taxi self-driving Waymo offering free Wi-Fi and music for passengers


There is no shortage of companies that are looking to transfer you to where you want it, so if you don’t want to go out into the street waving to the standard taxi. There are application companies, taxi on demand, such as Waymo that owns a fleet of taxis self-drive. In an attempt to differentiate itself from the rest of the competitors, the company is focused Waymo to provide additional amenities to their customers.

Reported by news agency Reuters that the company Waymo choose free Wi-Fi and music for passengers in the Phoenix area of the United States of America. Is play songs through Google Play Music without ads. Users can only listen to playlists pre-defined or broadcast their own playlists just by linking accounts Waymo and Google Play Music.

The report adds that the free Wi-Fi access has been provided only for a small subset of passengers who are not permitted to share their experiences with taxis and self-driving with Waymo with the public until now. You want a company Waymo mainly providing passengers with the option to work on their laptops or tablets without having to worry about access to the internet. Become this feature is extremely useful once you start a company Waymo in providing long-haul flights for passengers.

And privileges of other simple granted by the company Waymo for the passengers to keep the air conditioner in the car when the limits of 72 degrees to keep cool passengers during the summer of Arizona. This is in addition to the charging cables for the passengers and even the seat in the car for children so that families can trade using Waymo also.

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