Taxi services in self-command of the company Waymo will be released in the next month, according to a new report


Company is working Waymo subsidiary of Alphabet, which is also the parent company of Google, long on self-driving cars to launch taxi service of self-leadership. Having said that, has released today a new report says that the company Waymo planning to launch a taxi service self-driving own in the near future, most likely in the next month.

According to the report issued by the site Bloomberg that the company Waymo looking forward to the launch of its service to taxi self-driving by early December. According to the source, which is not disclosed the name of the writer that it will be launching this service is limited in the beginning. Company may Wyamo choose a different brand car service taxi, self-driving affiliate rather than release her name at this service.

It is estimated that the launch of the initial will happen in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The company Waymo actually experience a fleet of cars Chrysler Pacifica revised self-leadership there as part of the Tested Technology self-driving affiliate on public roads.

Some of the cars that will be part of a taxi service self-driving subsidiary of Waymo going drivers back-up singer to take over from the computers if the need arises. Given that this service will be passengers, they will prices approach the prices adopted by competing services such as Uber and Lyft.

May be limited availability of this service on a programme of Waymo Early Rider, which includes about 400 users. Won’t be these users are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and thus they will be able to talk about the service. Company may Waymo select the 100 square mile as the availability service, which is the same geographical area where the company car its self-driving is currently located in Phoenix, Arizona.


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