TCL confirms that it has no plans to launch a BlackBerry compatible with 5G networks

Blackberry Priv

After BlackBerry at the forefront of the smartphone market in the beginning, it has become on the verge of extinction before you get TCL on the rights to use its brand in its smart phones. With the lack of visibility and the disclosure of new models in the last year, it is likely to remain a devices BlackBerry the future is about smartphones, medium and economic.

In the event CCS Insight Predictions which held recently, the general manager of marketing at TCL, Mr. Stefan Streit that the company has no plans to launch the BlackBerry phones compatible with the 5G anytime soon, he stated by saying : ” it’s not an entertainment device and you can already get an email very quickly. We can get a lot of fun with the 5G, it can be used maybe in TVs, 8K or refrigerators … not only on the BlackBerry “.

However, the company will TCL release devices 5G affordable in the next year under its own brand and under the brand Alcatel. The only details provided to us is that these phones will be less than $ 600 and will be launched in the second half of next year.

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