TCL showcases a range of devices 5G in the events of the Barcelona conference #MWC2019

Made TCL a range of prototyping hardware that supports the fifth-generation networks in the coming period, which comes from data unit 5G USB, smart phones along with 5G CPE.

5G devices -TCL

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Use a lot of companies launch a new generation of devices that are compatible in contact with the networks of the fifth generation, or that support new standards in the call, and TCL is one of the companies that revealed its vision for the future devices that support 5G networks.

Have indicated TCL to that the technique of the fifth-generation networks will allow users of computers to reach a speed of 4 GB per second in the downlink and 2 giga bytes per second in the uplink, where the devices use frequency bands n41 وn78 to reach this speed, in the frequency range up to 200 meters, with 4 antennas×4 MIMO.

As indicated by TCL to devices 5G arranged on a chip Helio M70, with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, and confirmed that Mediatek has already begun in the development of the segments 2G, 3G, 4G, together with 5G,

Recall that TCL has confirmed their plans during the coming period to focus on the development of devices that support the fifth-generation networks, which include smart phones, tablets along with devices and data, with expectations that the company is offering a new version of the smart phones of mark a BlackBerry. with 5G technology in the coming period.


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