TCL unveils 3 phones Alcatel new #CES2018

This topic TCL reveal 3 phones Alcatel new #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

TCL always strives to show the phones Alcatel budget-friendly and about peace, and today the company at CES 2018 announced its new collection for the year 2018 and it seems the design of the new phones they may smile a little bit about the concept of savings where all screen 18:9 and the design seems new to antique, phones are Alcatel 5 and 3V and 1X.

The beginning of the phone Alcatel 5 which is the highest in the chain, where the phone comes with a lot of high class features along with the prices more reasonable compared to other companies where the phone comes design very skinny, as it comes and the back of the phone is metal, and facial recognition technology and two cameras in the front-end in addition to a fingerprint sensor at the back.

While comes phone Alcatel 3V also within the phones of the average price, but everything we know about the phone until now, other than the cost of gas is high is that the phone will come with Dual Camera, scanner fingerprint screen full.

While the phone least price in the string is a phone Alcatel 1X, there will come a screen with dimensions 18:9 In addition to the sensor of the fingerprint service, but the internal specifications is certain to be less compared to other versions.

The company has not released any details on pricing or release date however, the dates attached to images to indicate the history of a different version for each of the phones Alcatel 5 will be released in late February, while will phone Alcatel 3V will be after two months, as for phone Alcatel 1X due to be released in mid-May.


This topic TCL reveal 3 phones Alcatel new #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

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