TCL used to detect the 5 models of flip phones at MWC 2019

Competing phone manufacturers launch a better design of the phone rollaway, and TCL will have a presence at the conference phone the world to see in a smart phone and a folding transformation to the smart watch.

TCL- first foldable phoneI started each of my relationship with BlackBerry وAlcatel business in the development of the 5 versions of smart phones folding according to a report published via the site CNET, where one of these versions the design turns into a smart watch.

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He has floated the idea of the phone rollaway or which turns into a smart watch earlier from the company Lenovo, specifically through 2016, from another side is not detected see TCL in the design of the phone its folding and to the smart watch, however shopping catalogs first review screen is fully scalable.

You will definitely have TCL a lot of details about the upcoming versions of smart phones folding, where the projections to the width of the first models of these phones during the Barcelona exhibition hall.

Recall that the company TCL join the many brands available that offer new versions of smart phones collapsible which is one of the highlights of the main conference of the MWC this year.


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