Teaches Apple Apple Watch to identify Parkinson’s disease

Why the need for a smart watch? Logically, this auxiliary device, which is worn on the wrist and supplies the user with relevant information that might be difficult to perceive from the smartphone. As a rule, the number of steps taken, incoming notifications, alerts about missed calls, reminders about upcoming events and data on the frequency of the pulse. It would seem that this should be enough, after all, buying a smart watch, we are not just freed hands, but cease to be hostages of smartphones. However, Apple believes that smart watches can be more than just a functional appendage of the smartphone, but also a full diagnostic tool.

The Apple Watch is not just a subsidiary device as a promising diagnostic tool

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Apple Watch can be used as a means of identifying Parkinson’s disease, according to a new patent Apple. The fact that the development of this disease associated with symptoms of tremor and spontaneous twitching of the limbs. Modern Apple Watch already have the necessary set of hardware sensors that could track the symptoms characteristic of the disease, and to monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment, which can sometimes have side effects, and it is crucial to identify them.

Apple Watch and Parkinson’s disease

Apple Watch is the best device for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease

“Patients with Parkinson’s disease are usually substitution therapy with dopamine. It minimizes the symptoms of certain symptoms of the disorder. Over time, however, replacement therapy loses its effectiveness and can cause side effects like dyskinesia. The recovery of the patient depends on the individual approach to its treatment. After all different people the symptoms may vary or become more severe over time. Use the Apple Watch as a means of diagnosis will help not only to doctors but also to patients,” reads the patent.

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Of course, only some sensors that detect shaking of the limbs, the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease will not be enough. You must have an appropriate set of software, preferably built on the basis of neural networks, studied the behaviors of people suffering from this disease. But since nobody before Apple tried to collect this kind of data with the help of hours, so companies will have to attract several hundred participants, so the sample was relevant and to conduct extensive research work.

Apple Watch is the ideal device for the diagnosis of diseases

Apple Watch is almost the only device in the Apple range, which can be used to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. Due to the fact that the watch, without removing, worn on the wrist, they cope with recording the twitching hand that occur in patients with this disease. It is therefore logical that Apple is betting on the Apple Watch. Still the iPhone, which has a wide range of possibilities for this fit is not too good, considering that working with a smartphone user focused and intense, whereas with the watch this is not happening. Well, since the company already has extensive experience in conducting such studies, it is not excluded that in the foreseeable future the watch will be used for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

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