Team announces the feature of Passport to store and share personal information safely

Sharing personal data with websites and apps is a dangerous operation, especially when the purpose is to exchange funds, where you have to share a photo for personal documents, had abused her after that, although companies claim to delete documents after verification of identity.

Here comes the role of tool Passport provided by the team today via the Android app and iOS app to allow a secure way to save and share personal data, where its reservation on the cloud are encrypted even to the end (E2EE), which can only be accessed to enter the password every time; no one can access it except the user and the addressee information, and even the term itself can’t be found.

To strengthen security more in the future, the company says it will use the cloud storage decentralized, where the encrypted data distributed over a group of computers instead of keeping them on a dedicated server.

And even enjoy the services requested personal information, you must first to support the new feature and Register button calculates the term on its site or application, such as the buttons for Facebook, Twitter and parking, and then the user can share some or all personal information such as identity card, passport, driving license, and any kind of documents.

Even the use of water after the update term, you should visit the company website first to learn the process water, then you must set a password to a private e-mail Reserve, and then you must confirm to activate the account via message to the e-mail; only then you will be given access to water.

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