Team Facebook products experimental “NPE” works on version apps new users

فريق فيسبوك للمنتجات التجريبية "NPE" يعمل على إصدار تطبيقات جديدة للمستخدمينTeam Facebook products experimental “NPE” works on version apps new users

Facebook Inc. has announced yesterday that the team experiences new product and Knowledge Test team NPE will work on the development of more new applications.

As explained Facebook in a note the announcement via her blog private for that matter, that the goal behind the development of these new applications is to provide an environment and experience a new balance for all the users.

They interact via their outside the framework of its social network currently existing, Where will exploit this method to create small applications that meet the interests of various persons, according to the company.

It is expected that the exploitation of these applications and their notes liked the desirability of users added to Facebook itself and improve the user experience therein.

As for group NPE, his mission will be consistent with and achievement in the development of the applications; where he will be laid off and any application may cause dispersal to the public or don’t find success among the users.

He said the police explicitly that they expect the face team to many obstacles and attempts to corrupt, but this will not affect their main application.

In said region to a range of new applications will all be marked with a tag team by the NPE, and will be managed by the company in the shop Google Play on the web.

In terms of security and data protection is users and promised that she will do all of the standards and preserve the rights of its users and protect their data from the registry and tell them how the police used their data directly.

In general don’t seem to line Facebook this unique or unused before, many technology companies used such an approach at feeding times in order to get rid of their products, through the development of experimental products.

For example, the company Alphabet the parent company Google has spent hundreds of millions on experiments like this, as is the case with Google itself launched many apps fail in market competition; but benefited to improve the performance of applications and other products.

In think this is the first time you invest in Facebook in a crevice products trade for new applications will be away from home form, but the content wouldn’t be that far from the common database to the giant social networking.

Which previously sought to move through the acquisition of competitors such as WhatsApp and Instagram as well as copy the advantages of Snapchat, but this time it seems they are betting on themselves by trying to export new products to the public into their own hands.

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