Team Lightning Beam plans to implement Network-enabled Mimblewimble

Team anonymous coins Beam announced plans to implement a compatible with Mimblewimble network Lightning Network. As stated in the press release, the implementation of the Lightning Network allows you to use the solution to scaling of the second level for a quick ofcan translations. This in turn will increase the attractiveness of the coins to use in trade where you want a quick confirmation of transactions.

And although the Beam can conduct transactions three times faster than Bitcoin, its bandwidth does not reach the level of the major payment processors. The team also did not name any concrete dates of the announcement of a new LN.

Recall that on 7 February the team of one of the largest altcoins Litecoin started to cooperate with the Beam for the realization of Mimblewimble, via expansion units. 11 Feb CEO of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey spoke about plans to launch a Lightning Network in the payment platform Square. As reported by Cointelegraph, the date of implementation as yet unknown. While Dorsey said it’s a matter of time, as the decision has been made. From Ethereum also has its own variation of the Lightning Network, which was called Raiden.

Lightning Network adds another layer to the blockchain and allows users to access payment channels between any two parties on an additional level. The first mention of the solution of the scaling of the second level was made by Joseph Punom and Thaddeus, Draya in 2015. At the moment, its value already exceeds 650 bitcoins, or approximately $ 2,42 million at the current rate.

At the end of last year, well-known in cryptosphere artist under the pseudonym Crypto Graffiti sold at auction one of his works by the Lightning Network just 0,000000037 of the dollar, thus proving the suitability of the network to so-called micropayments. More data look at cryptodata.

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