Team Tron contest was organized on 6 million BTT. How to get the prize?

Run BTT was a success — after the ICO coins had to rise six times, bringing its investors a huge profit. Even a strong bearish trend has not prevented the team of Justin Sana execute a plan for crowdfunding in just 15 minutes.

To celebrate this event, the Creator Tron decided to give a random subscriber a Tesla, another fan of Sana can get money in the amount of $ 20 million. But that’s not all — exchange TRXMarket launches a new contest among traders with the prize Fund of 6 000 000 BTT or 4872 dollar at the current rate.

Who gets the money?

Prize pool will be divided between a dozen of the lucky ones who committed the largest volume of commercial transactions in the BTT on the platform in the period from 20 to 29 March. Note that the reward will be distributed not evenly, but in proportion the amounts of completed items.

So, the prize to each individual is calculated as the ratio of trading volume to the total figure of the ten winners, multiplied by 6 000 000 BTT. The contest will only include those who will make deals with BTT. Trading only with Bitcoin or Althingi will not be counted for participation.

Other users can participate in the lottery, where 50 winners will distribute 40 000 BTT or about $ 32 at current exchange rates. The drawing will take place among traders who made a deal on the 500, 000 or more BTT. In order to ensure transparency the results of the competition will be published on all social platforms team Tron. The results will be announced on March 29.

Source: Bitcoinist

It should be noted that in such contests often involved the manipulation of trading bots, so to win the ordinary man in them is practically impossible. Whether this phenomenon to fight in TRXMarket is still unknown. The course of events can be traced in our cryptodata.


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