TeamViewer now supports full remote control in the devices pixels share

TeamViewer يدعم الآن التحكم الكامل عن بعد في أجهزة بيكسل وشاومي

There are many applications and services that enable users to remotely control Android devices, perhaps the application TeamViewer the best known, so that is usually use this app to fix some of the problems related to the phone remotely, however, the application supports full integration with devices Pixel camera and some other devices.

Now, this has become of the past, where I got the application TeamViewer on the new update the bat supports a full remote control for all devices running Android 7.0, most recent, and that this function requires a plug-in can be downloaded as an app separate from the Google Play Store, thus thanks to this Add-On has become the app supports phones like pixels those up.

Finally, this addition would be welcome and heavily by users of Android, where in the former, the app was involved the screen instead of the process full control of the remote, which also must be implemented on the basis of each device., the Therefore with this extension the new General Assembly, each phone must be running Android 7.0 latest able on remote control and fully.

Download app TeamViewer QuickSupport.

Download added TeamViewer Universal Add-On.


Team Viewer.

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