Teaser from Google reveals third-party apps on the platform Android Auto

Google recently announced some new changes made in the updated platform Android Auto, to support the user experience standards and a better interface.

Includes the first new changes in the interface of Android Auto in the application calendar that reveals a daily schedule to benefit the user, some shortcut for each item, where it will be available for the user to choose the speed dial any destination in the schedule to obtain directions to your facade or commercial activity.

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It also brings Google in this update apply settings again, as this lets the application adjust and change the settings according to the user’s favorite.

On the other hand, was the interface of Android Auto and Android Automotive has supported until now the application of external correspondence, applications media only, while comes this update with support for more third-party apps, which include applications development, applications, car parking applications, electric vehicle charging.

Google also confirmed the start of cooperation with new partners such as SpotHero to develop valet parking, and Chargepoint to develop charging electric vehicles, to the side of the Sygic application development and navigation, where he is scheduled to apply to trial versions of these applications on the interface of Android Auto later this year.

Also Google confirmed it plans to launch a programming interface to support the transfer of more applications on the interface of Android Auto after the completion of test the trial versions of previous applications on the interface of Android Auto and Android Automotive.


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