Teaser from Intel to address the Core i9 accurately manufacture 10-nanometer custom for games

Use Intel Corporation to launch two new products later this year, where the company plans to Intel for the sport in the market of processors of new releases in the coming period.

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Applies conference Computex this year many ads possible about the future of the processing units and the screen, which will support the next generation of computers for improvements in performance.

And Intel to advertise soon for a new version of the ninth generation of the chip, the processor Core i9, as also learn about Generation 11 of processors possible to accurately manufacture 10 nm, to the competition of New strongly in the market of devices need custom games with versions support technology artificial intelligence more efficiently.

And Intel is the first choice among manufacturers for units of the processor that hosts the PCs dedicated for gaming, where hardware often with specific units of the Realtek screen possible, as integrated units of the processor with the Realtek screen in the devices.

But Intel aims to change this coupling between the processor and the screen by the new generation of processors Ice Lake possible to accurately manufacture 10 nm, to assess the need to laptops without the presence of the card screen dedicated AMD or Nvidia.

Recall that Intel is not targeting the chip at 10 nm devices allocated for games only, but the company is targeting the new generation of laptops which is based on the collection of data to assess the artificial intelligence, or the bulk of data that supports the advantage of learning the machine, so Intel offers the ninth generation of processors Core i9-9900KS this year with a frequency up to 5 GHz.


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