Teaser latest of HTC gives us a glimpse of phone design HTC Exodus

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Confirmed to us by HTC earlier this year that it will launch a smartphone New supports HTC Exodus. This phone will be different from the rest of the smart phones launched by the company, will also be different from the existing devices in the market currently because it will depend on the technology block. Having said that, the company HTC today published teaser new may be giving us the first glimpse of the design of this phone.

Not confirmed to us by HTC a lot of detail about this phone until there is a reasonable expectation, it can be a teaser posted on the Instagram is the first glimpse we get about the design of this phone.

For advertising painting which was published by the company HTC previously which is known for October 22 as the date for the official unveiling officially about the phone, it has been deleted now. For this teaser, it’s know October 23 as the day that will live in company HTC officially about this phone.

It seems that the phone HTC Exodus will interface wallpaper covered with glass curved parties. In fact, the design of the back of the phone that appears in this teaser reminds us of the design of the phone +the HTC U12, this is what drives us to think in the possibility that the phone comes HTC Exodus the same design of the phone +the HTC U12 with keeping the difference between them at the level of the software.

Even if the company HTC has officially unveiled the HTC phone Exodus in the next week, may not release this phone until December next, although all the building will allow the company to progress one step on the company Sirin Labs, which is preparing to launch a phone block perspective Sirin Finney in today 28 November.

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Coming. Soon. 10.23

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