Teaser of Aston Martin car Rapide E

This theme teaser of Aston Martin car Rapide E appeared on Engadget.

The company launched the Aston Martin teaser new for the first electric car sports Rapide E, which starts shipped through 2019.


Use giant manufacturing cars British Aston Martin to launch its first electric car, which applies under the name Rapide E.

Reveals the official announcement published today, from the Aston Martin for some details about the car Rapide E which is fast, luxurious design and the price is certainly high.

Scheduled to launch Aston Martin number 155 only car Rapide E, that is, it was reduced units scheduled to be launched after the Chinese company out of the state as an investor of the project to one third of the production.

Car Rapide E come to experience a fast driving is supported by a battery system, 800-volt and that up to 65 kilowatts per hour, with more than 5600 of the lithium ion in the cylindrical shape.


Scheduled to support the battery car Rapide E to the car to 200 miles, or at the rate of 185 miles per hour, with the charger 400 volts capacity of 50kW the car.

Can also car Rapide E to reach the rate of 310 miles per hour, if you charge the car charger quick capacity of 100kW.

Battery Rapide E come to provide a power torque of two engines 10PS and 950Nm installed them in the rear of the car, as an alternative to the ability of engine 6 liter V12, with the gearbox and fuel tank.

The speed of the car Rapide E up to 155 mph, as the vehicle acceleration from zero to 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds only, while apply from 50-70 mph in 1.5 seconds only.

Aston Martin confirms that these parameters are in shopping for a car Rapide E non-specific to fully charge in the car, but New is the ability of the car to reach top speed with any Charging rate of the battery.

Projections indicate that the first units of the car Rapide E will be shipped to the users in the first quarter of 2019, is certainly for those who dream electric car the distinctive, quick and with determination Luxury the signing of Aston Martin.


This theme teaser of Aston Martin car Rapide E appeared on Engadget.

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