Teaser of the new Oppo review design glass phone Reno3 Pro 5G

Published company Oppo teaser of the new review, through design mineral glass with a thickness of 7.7 mm phone Reno3 Pro 5G with the settings of the camera’s quartet in the background.

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Is compatible my phone Reno3 Pro 5G وReno3 5G in the design of the metallic glass in the rear, with the settings the quad for the rear, but with a difference. the location of LED flash in both phones.

From another side comes a phone Reno3 Pro design screen hole in the camera front-end, which rises in the left corner of the screen, while the phone Reno3 front camera in the protrusion of the screen, with the underframe designed relatively larger.

I have confirmed that the company Oppo recently on the phone Reno3 Pro 5G will have a battery capacity of 4025 mAh, and up to a weight of 180 grams, also scheduled to come Design mineral glass with a thickness of 7.7 mm into the phone, so we expect the official announcement of the series phones Reno3 new to get clearer on design that applies to these versions compete in the market soon.


I know of

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