Teaser of the Redmi phone Note 8 Pro with zoom up to 25 times

Applies the conference of the Redmi law on the 29th of August to advertise the phones Note 8 وNote 8 Pro, in the latest teaser from the company confirmed the feature to zoom up to 25 times in a phone the Note 8 Pro.

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Confirmed the company’s Redmi phone Note 8 Pro apply soon as the first versions that include a sensor 64 mega pixel camera, and a new reveal brand teaser New refers to the zoom feature even 25 times in the phone attention to detail.

As indicated Redmi in other statements to that camera possible sensor 64 mega pixel camera in the phone Note 8 Pro pictures will be accurately 9248 in 6936 pixels, i.e., 25 times the accuracy of the display Full-HD, higher than 4K in 7.7 time, and also twice more than the accuracy of the 8K.

Also scheduled to apply to all of my phone Note 8 وNote 8 Pro chip processor Helio G90T that come Performance supports games in particular, it offers telephone Note 8 sensor key accurately 48 megapixels, so we expect the official announcement within the next week to get a special chain Note 8 clearer.


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