Teaser of the Tesla conference coming on the 21st of November to announce the Cybertruck

Applies the conference of the Tesla coming on the 21st of November for the official announcement about the truck electrical know car Cybertruck.

The company identified a Tesla on the 21st of November to launch its next conference to unveil the truck, small electric Cybertruck, where came the declaration of Elon Musk in a tweet on Twitter.

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Launched Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla address Cybertruck on the version linked from the truck electrical small size, to unveil the car in the studio Tesla in Los Angeles.

Has been referred to Elon Musk earlier this year on its plans to launch the truck to pickup, and then came his announcement during the month of September to postpone the event until November, he also confirmed that the car features a striking design, with even more possibilities of the car Ford F-150, standards and higher than a Porsche 911.

Also came the announcement of Tesla’s first development car pickup through 2013, where he emphasized that the issuance of Tesla comes to F-150s, and then launched many of the advertising headline that did not provide many details about the truck, where the ads on that truck come with a number of 6 seats, as the start of the level pricing of $ 50,000, to support the cutting distance from 400 to 500 miles.

As pointed out by Musk to be the top model of this truck will drive double, with a towing capacity of 300,000 pounds, except that the Musk did not provide details about the design of this truck, so we expect the opening of the giant manufacturing electric cars to get on the technology of Tesla’s new in the next generation of electric cars.


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